Your Shipping, Optimized For the 21st Century.


Mapping your current contracts to determine carrier profit margins + benchmarking against like shippers to determine the best achievable contracted rates. Savings of 15%+ on average.

Freight Audit & Recovery

Full (150+ point) contract and service audit and recovery. Mistakes happen; don’t pay for the ones that the carriers make.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Unmatched insight into all areas of your shipping. Hundreds of reports, designed to meet every shipping need to improve processes, analyze performance, and drive revenue. Gain insight, identify efficiencies and drive revenue.


Leverage our knowledge, cultivated over decades working at and with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. They use our reports and rely on our insights. Let us do the same for you.

Contract OptimizatioN

“ShipLion’s helped us reduce our shipping by 21% across UPS, FedEx and USPS and mitigated and impact of the annual rate increases. We saved over $1.3M in our first year. Simple, easy, effective.”
ShipLion’s contract optimization service helps clients improve their bottom line by attaining world-class pricing agreements. We leverage decades of industry experience and knowledge, proprietary software and pricing transparency to ensure that you have the best agreement possible while preserving carrier and vendor relationships…

Audit & Recovery

“ShipLion’s contract audit found that we weren’t getting the rates that our contract said we should. Their service audit is simple and easy and around holiday season the numbers always spike as the carriers make more mistakes which is always a nice holiday present. “
ShipLion’s audit services include full contract and service audits and recovery. Our audit team leverage sophisticated software become members of your team. We monitor late shipments, service failures, manifested – not shipped, invalid address corrections and over 100 other audit points…
Over 750 reports and dashboards to provide insight, data and metrics for all areas of your shipping. Reports help gauge resource utilization and allocation, expansion plans, current activity, anomalies etc.


"Really glad we had anomaly reporting. We discovered that someone had gotten access to our shipping account and was using it for his own shipments. I don't know how long that would have gone unnoticed without ShipLion's reporting."

Distribution Center Optimization

"We initially used the DC toolkit to maximize efficiencies in our current distribution centers. We later used it to determine the ideal location for our new distribution center."

Customer Retention Toolkit

"The retention report helped us reduce churn by 8%, by providing us with a way to easily engage customers who had shipping issues. It also gave us measurable data on the impact that shipping errors were having on our revenue."

Address Corrections Report

"We ship a lot to the same addresses. During the free analysis with ShipLion (before we were a client) they shared the address corrections report and I discovered we had paid an address correction fee 83 times (over $1200) on packages going to the same address!"

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