Business Analytics


ShipLion has partnered with WSI to provide world-class logistics, shipping software and reporting. The software is included at no cost with our other services and contains hundreds of reports and dashboards to capture every aspects of your shipping operations, and provide unmatched insight into your shipping processes, highlight savings opportunities and efficiency gains.


Our logistics and analytics experts at your service. Our team has decades of experience in logistics and logistics software and are here to help your team determine the reports, dashboards and KPI’s that are most relevant for your business.

Executive Dashboards

Dashboards, overviews and trend analysis all waiting for you, set to the KPI’s that are most important for your business. High-level insights with the ability to drill down to tracking-number specificity. See you shipping operations and costs in a way you have never seen them before.

AI Based Security

Large companies often have shipping spread over many locations and accounts. It can be difficult to determine if there are any mistakes or issues (such as fraud) on your accounts. Anomaly detection uses machine learning to understand your account and provide alerts when there are potential issues or unusual activity. Your logistics security system.

Savings Reports

Reports to help you identify savings opportunities along with hidden fees (and how to prevent them). Identify ways to reduce costs and eliminate hidden fees that are silently increasing the true cost of your shipping.

Retention Maximization Reports

While shipping and delivery issues are generally out of a company’s hands, customers view everything involved in receiving an item (including shipping time, package damage etc.) as part of the customer experience with a brand. Customers who experience issues in the shipping/delivery process of their item are far less likely to reorder. ShipLion puts you back in control with flexible reporting so you can proactively engage clients who have had shipping issues, reducing churn and turning operations into a source of revenue.

Distribution Optimization
& Analysis

Optimize your current distribution centers and map out options for adding or consolidating distribution centers. Determine the optimal way to set up distribution centers to minimize shipping costs and improve delivery times. Map the best locations for new distribution centers.

The Life of Your Packages

Segregate data to understand your shipping as you never have before. Identify locations with the highest rate of theft, avg time of delivery by city and service, late shipments (by how late etc.) Compare and contrast different shipping services and consider the impact on your shipping.