Contractual & Service Audit

Shipping costs are one of the largest expenses for many corporations, and the bills can encompass thousands of transactions.  While the carriers may try to bill properly and provide the level of service that you paid for, mistakes happen.  Mistakes are inevitable, but paying for the mistakes that the carriers make is not.

ShipLion provides comprehensive
contractual and service auditing

We make sure that the carriers are only charging you the contractual rates (we have helped clients recover hundreds of thousands of dollars that they overpaid the carrier based on their contracts).  We also monitor over 100 service points to identify any service issues such as late shipments etc.  We identify refund opportunities and request them on your behalf through proprietary software and our audit team, which supports and augments the software.

Comprehensive Contractual Audit




All Other Components
of the Contract

Comprehensive Service Audit

Late Shipments

(Manifested, Not Shipped)

Service Failures


Fraud Detection

Surcharge Errors

Lost and Damaged
Package Recovery

Address Corrections

Invalid Billing

Invalid Dim
Weight Charges

Incorrect Accessorial

Over 100+ Other
Points Audited

Simple Setup Process

Links directly with your carrier account

Reviews your current contracts to ensure full carrier compliance

Takes just minutes to set up

Set & Forget

Once we are set up, we will continue to audit your account and file for refunds on your behalf.